Surface Mount PCB Stencil

Our Laser Machine

LPKF Stencil Laser

  • are specially designed for the production line of fine pitch stencils line and fine cut micro machining applications.
  • mean highest volume production line due to high speed cutting line and high dynamic linear drives.
  • For environmentally friendly production line without pollution from chemicals.
  • do not need special assist gases.
  • are available with a large cutting area up to 1200mm x 800mm.
  • have a clamping for bare sheet metal standard (frame clamping optional).


  • Solid rigid construction using granite base for high accuracy and stability
  • Laser class 1 workstation
  • User friendly Microsoft WindowsTM based software for data preparation and machine control
  • High speed DSP-controller
  • RS-232 connection to standard PCs
  • Special designed 4000Hz pulsed Nd-YAG cutting laser, 60W
  • Wave lengths 1064nm
  • Internal water cooling cycle with automatic regulation
  • Integrated filter cartridge for deionised water
  • Software control functions (shutter, water temp., interlock, etc.)
  • Online mode check module for highest laser beam quality (option)
  • Automatic machine assisted material loading
  • Life time compensation of flash lamps for constant beam quality
  • Long life flash lamps - more than 400 h life time
  • Special designed stencil cutting head
  • Material support system for constant focal position
  • Integrated high pressure cutting nozzle
  • Observation of cutting through the focal lens
  • CCD camera alignment system (option)
  • Frame clamping system for pre-mounted frames (option)

Technical Data

Technical Data

LPKF StencilLaser
600 x 600

LPKF StencilLaser
800 x 800


Active positioning range (cutting area):

600 x 600mm
23.6 x 23.6 inch

800 x 800mm
31.5 x 31.5 inch


Max. metal sheet size:

850 x 800mm
33.5 x 31.5 inch

950 x 900mm
37.7 x 35.5 inch






Accuracy of X, Y axis at full travel:

± 10µm

± 5µm


Repeat accuracy:

± 3µm

± 2µm



within 5 arc seconds

within 5 arc seconds


Dimensions laser controller (H x W x D):

950 x 600 x 1900mm

950 x 600 x 1900mm


Dimensions workstation (H x W x D):

1350 x 1750 x 2300mm

1400 x 1700 x 2200mm


Total weight:




Performance (apertures per hour):

3000 - 4000 ap/h

5000 - 6000 ap/h


Higher accuracy and larger cutting area available on request.

The Technical Data given here reflect the current status. LPKF, however, reserves the right to make amendments to the technical specifications.