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Circuit Board Broker vs. PCB Manufacturer PC Boards Manufacturing

In order to stay competitive in today’s volatile economy, PNC has been offering offshore PC Board manufacturing capabilities from China since 1998. This allows PNC to handle all your manufacturing needs, regardless of size, quantity, and lead times.

If you are currently using a PC Board broker, PNC will not only save you money but also deliver you with the quality and excellence you deserve and require.

Seamless transition: PNC’s Nutley, NJ USA facility will handle your quick turn prototype orders until Design is proven. Once proven, your project can be transferred to our low cost China Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing partners.

Technology: PNC has collaborated with multiple (6) PCB Shops in Southern China to handle a wide range of orders from quick turn, simple single sided, high volume, and high tech production runs.

Qualification: PNC’s USA audit team performs full Audits of our China PCB partners once a year to ensure our China partners are adhering to quality standards we are accustom to.

Service: With local Offices in China and Hong Kong, our own personnel will oversee PNC’s production, quality and delivery schedule. Our employee’s will physically be on site during the manufacturing process.

Price: We offer most competitive price in the industry due to:

Communications: PNC’s China and HK offices are open 24 hrs a day with English speaking employees. We communicate with them to handle all technical questions. Our USA CAM team handles all technical quarries so you are assured your job will be done right the first time.

Quality & Delivery Assurance: All PCB orders coming from China will go through our USA plant first as we will perform the follow operations.

Quality inspections are performed by PNC on receipt of product.

Delivery: A majority of our China partners offer 3 week lead time for production runs. If for any reason, shipment may be delayed, PNC will manufacture your boards in house with no additional charges to meet your scheduled ship date.

PNC stands behind all it’s off shore products.

For comparison purposes, please send us your board requirements as we will guarantee you a quote in 12 hours or less. Compare our price with your current supplier and see the difference yourself.


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