Request PCB Design and Layout quote

If you have a drawing, schematic, or even just an idea and you would like assistance in completing your design, we are here to help. Please forward the information below this section to us and we will provide you with a quote with various pricing options contingent upon complexity, lead time and other factors.

[A] Schematic

  • Part Information details: Part Number, package etc.
  • Net rules: current capacity, differential single ended, clock, impedance etc..
  • Constraint: isolation between nets, parts, net to parts etc.

[B] Board floor diagram (dxf or dwg) showing:

  • Overall dimensions
  • Location of critical parts, connectors
  • Dimensions of mounting holes, cut-outs, slots, open space etc.

[C] Post layout Signal Integrity validation data:

  • Maximum overshoot/undershoot allowed
  • Attenuation allowed
  • Digital signal threshold levels
  • Maximum clock and types (fast-slow, weak-strong) etc.

With your information we can help you complete your design with the following services:

  • Design component footprints
  • Setup PCB outline
  • Establish design and manufacturing rules, ie. Spacing, tracing, etc.
  • Component placements
  • Perform manual route traces for critical components, ie. Sensitive analog parts, power, clock, etc.
  • Perform auto router
  • Perform design rule check
  • Generate BOM (Build of Materials)
  • Complete full Gerber with solder Mask, Paste files, Drill Dwg. Specs, Drill File, optimal stack-up, layer assignment to various nets, placement of components and routing.


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