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I have been dealing with them for 15 years, have toured their facility several times, and we recently started using them for turnkey as a test with more items in the future.PNC is one of our best vendors, they are never late, 100% quality all the time, fairly priced, and easy to deal with.For me to say this as a Buyer of over 35 years is saying a lot because I normally do not have such a high opinion of fabricated suppliers, however this vendor is the real deal.I would highly recommend them, please note we also track them for quality and on time delivery and they always score 100% all the time.

Jim McGovern
Corporate Purchasing Manager
AstroNova, Inc.

We are very impressed with your company, lead and response time, quality of assembly and competence of employees.

Anna Trofimova
Executive Vice-President, COO
ESP Safety

Please accept this email as the formal acknowledgement of your outstanding work and as an appreciation of the services our company DigiVac has received from you. The result is that our customers are happy with the final products and we owe part of our success to you.

Christine Kraus
Production & Operations Manager
The DigiVac Company

Thank you very much for all that you did to get the boards here. I understand you needed to come in when you should have been on vacation. You and your company have blown me away. I am sure we will continue to many projects together.

Kevin Brown
Brown Innovations

We consider PNC a partner rather than a vendor. We have worked with many PCB vendors over the years and have moved all of our business to PNC as their quality and on-time delivery are unmatched. We manufacture complex RF PCBs and assemblies, and the level of expertise that PNC has in both the PCB fabrication and assembly has had a positive, meaningful impact on our business.

Dean Handrinos
Triad RF Systems

I was referred to PNC by a colleague when our in-house technicians became too busy to assemble boards in house. I liked that the boards could be fabricated and assembled at PNC. The prices are competitive and they are able to do quick turn times. The quality of work has been very good - no complaints so far!

Vanessa Su
Sensor and Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory
Georgia Tech Research Institute

PNC was an excellent find for us. From bare boards to total turnkey made at this NJ facility is a 'one stop shop' for us on all our circuit board needs. Right talent pool, customer service oriented folks at PNC have made our production schedules more reliable and in turn have made our customers happy.

Purchasing Manager
Emerging Power

One thing a Like is the most is their Lead time, always excellent... and quality too!

Melissa Valenzuela
Tijuana B.C., Mex., C.P. 22440
Eaton’s Controls and Power Conversion

PNC's willingness to build PCB's with a variety of substrate materials and surface finishes has been very helpful to us. We were very happy with PNC's ability to fabricate a circuit on a Rogers' material and go outside to provide a surface finish of soft gold. Similarly, PNC was willing to make a large-area circuit on a very thin, flexible substrate for which we were having trouble finding a manufacturer. The only negative experience we have had with PNC is that the contour routing of interior holes in one PCB was offset from the metal trace lithography by ~0.2 mm. However, we were able to fix the boards with a razor blade. We have also received boards where the lithography and routing lined up very well, so we are hoping that it was an isolated incident.

Eric Naglich
Naval Research Lab
US NAVY, Washington, DC

PNC is always helpful with my unique situations and rush jobs.

Matthew Sargent
Picatinny Arsenal

We approached PNC because they were ready to help with our dead line and with competitive pricing. Also now they have the capability to populate boards and this help us to reduce cost as well as lead time.

Athula Mandanayake
Canfield Imaging Systems

PNC has always been very responsive in meeting our quick-turn PCB fabrication and board assembly schedules for several years while at the same time focusing on delivering quality products. Our experience in dealing with PNC sales has been very positive.

Vlademir Yanefski
Sr. Manager
Engineering Services DX CAI ESCFE ECADS

PNC is quick to respond to all quote requests and provides competitive pricing with quick turnaround times. We love that most of our boards have a standard lead time of 3 weeks, whereas the competition provides a standard lead time of 4 weeks. We're very pleased with our relationship with PNC and plan to continue growing our business with them in the coming years.

Angela Thiel

I first approached PNC about a year ago, when I was working in a NPI role. They were most helpful. Their pricing is good, and they were very responsive to our needs. What I liked about them, is that they were accessible, via cell phone, whenever I had a crisis (needed parts ASAP), they always accommodated. I would recommend them to anyone!

David Salas
Eaton Corp.

PNC is always very responsive to my new orders and expedites as needed. I can always count on them to help us out when needed. Our business is not always "predictable" but PNC has always been able to help my pull off those orders that come out of nowhere on us sometimes.

Tony Schilling
Buyer / Purchasing
ESG Americas

PNC is a quality supplier, that meet their delivery dates with a product to print. Their staff communicates well with our engineering groups.

Ray Rekers
Buyer - Time Products
Amano Cincinnati Inc.

We have been working with PNC for almost two years now and have not regretted a single day. We are constantly in contact with our engineer about various projects and PNC has always delivered on-time, quality parts. I would definitely recommend PNC to anyone looking to design anything circuit related.

Evan Jones
Long Island Technology Group, LLC

PNC is very easy to work with and responsive to our requirements. They rarely have late deliveries and quotes are returned in a timely manner.

Joan Knight
Astronova, Inc.

I have found PNC to be very easy to work with and their employees are very knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. Their on time delivery is impressive. As a whole I would recomend PNC to anyone in the industry and I look forward to many years of working together in the future.

Rachel Morse
Purchasing Agent
Compunetix, Inc.

PNC is easy to work with. One of many things i like is the fact that they will take our PCB Artwork and do up an array that fits them as well as forus. They also provide us with the arrayed Paste Gerber files.

Steve Lee
Director of Manufacturing
IDA Corp.

I find PNC services to be quick and on-time. They always support our accelerate schedules and have never let us down. Â

Brian Caughy
Component Engineer
ASCO POWER Switching & Controls Emerson Network POWER

I have found my experience with PNC Inc. to have been extremly positive. On the one VERY rare occasion when there was a descrepancy, PNC immidiately fixed their internal process to insure that it never occured again. I have never experienced that quality of service with another suppluier. I use PNC, Inc. as my primary quick turn facility for all of my PCB needs.

Yolanda Coffman
Creative Electronics and Software Inc.

PNC has provided a high quality service and support program, without hassles. The customer service team provides attention to detail and expertise with the variety of available PCB styles. I like that proposals are provided in clear context, in a timely manner, and include manufacturing layout. This saves time on our manufacturing and assembly side. PNC provides a good quality product, delivered On-Time.

Joe Hoffman, C. P. M., SPSM
Purchasing Manager
Compunetix, Inc

I discovered PNC at a local trade show and I have to say, this has turned into one of the best finds of any show I have attended in my 45 years in the business.

Dick Rainford
Sales / Cost Estimating
Custom Manufacturing Services, Inc.

I find PNC to be an organized company that is considerate of their customers needs. The customer service dept is responsive when called upon. The quality staff is knowledgeable in all areas of pcb fabrication. The quick turn portion of the business is at 99.9 % on time and 100% on the quality side. PNC is an overall good solid source of supply.

Dan Scardeli
Materials Manager
Avionic Instruments, LLC.

PNC is always up-front about what they can't do, and I sometimes ask for some strange things. This is not true of all PC fabricators. PNC's prices are always good.

Karen Tellefsen
Alpha / Alent
Alpha / Alent

Doing business with PNC has been a good experience and PNC has always been on schedule.

Tom Surak
ADI American Distributors

Quick Response, Knowledge, Quality Products

Wesley Fields
R&D Engineer
Cobham Metelics

PNC has become an invaluable ally in the fabrication of our client’s PCB-designs. Unlike others who are scrambling for our business, PNC has no fear of loosing us to another board-house. They’ve always shown respect and patience with the many challenges we’ve thrown their way. When you’ve found a board-house that goes the extra mile to ensure working product, you don’t play footsy with others, just because they’re offering “cheaper” product. We – always – get quality, delivery and cost-competitive product, when ordering through PNC. Our relationship with PNC is a significant factor in ensuring our survival in the competitive industry of contract manufacturing. Our strong client-base is evidence that having PNC on our team is a winning combination!!!

Luther G. Brossa
Production Engineering
Kessler-Ellis Products Co, Inc.

PNC has been very responsive with quote requests and demonstrated great flexibility in setting up purchases that meet not only price, but also order quantity and delivery goals.

Wolfgang Kern
Vendor Manager
Cooper Bussmann Transportation / OMNEX Trusted Wireless

We are very pleased with the quality and service given to us by PNC. We have been buying our products for a number of years and we plan to continue buying from PNC for many more years to come. The employees of PNC are very helpful and accommodating and have always come though for us in a rush (emergency) situation. From more than 5000 vendors that we buy from, PNC is right there at the top and continues to be there with every order that is placed…Continue the excellent work.

Mike Rella
Acrison, Inc

The boards are great and they work perfectly. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future. We are in the process of re-designing some of our existing boards and will definitely be giving you the opportunity to quote on them. Both Doug and I were very impressed with Calvin’s thoroughness and attention to detail. Everyone that we have had contact with there at PNC was a pleasure to work with..

Sheri A. LaLonde
SolveTech Inc.
PNC Online
Phone: (973) 284-1600
Email: sales[at]pnconline[dot]com